Yogyakarta, Indonesia

About Nalitari

Nalitari Community is a charitable community that seeks to become the platform for people from various backgrounds to explore artistic movement together and create an inclusive dance community.

Art Description

Everybody Can Dance | Beyond Body Borders | Improvisation | Contemporary | Free movement |


Nalitari aims to develop equality, diversity and inclusiveness through dance and movement. We cultivate profound experiences for audiences and participants, broaden their perception of art and ability, and make people from very diverse backgrounds experience the art of being together.


Nalitari find a collaboration work as an exceptional opportunity to explore adn expand our competence. We also feel challenged to have a dialogue with professional artists from cross discipline, therefore we will be encouraged to step outside from our comfort zone and to not only centralize ourselves on the art of motion and dance that we've been focusing on so far. Through a collaboration we will get the chance to proceed on a wider scope of the area and enrich ourselves with the knowledge that will inspire us to create an unique, authentic and certainly inclusive artistic ideas.

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